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Simple Secrets to Success: The Value in Commercial Real Estate Agents

By Silvia Wei

No commercial real estate sale is easy. For that reason, the simple secret behind any successful transaction is always hard work – backed up by your individual real estate agent’s experience and supported by the infrastructure of their agency.

Michael Buium talks us through the processes of a good commercial agent.


The simple secret behind any successful transaction is always hard work.

As soon as you give a real estate agent authority to sell your property, they’ll write to your solicitor and request a contract (if they’re worth their salt). This will be in the form of a soft copy so that they can instantly pass it on as buyers become interested.

From there the process is simple – we photograph the property, launch it onto major commercial property websites, install signage and decide on the best method of sale. Many agents will tell you there’s more to it, but this is what the bones of the process initially looks like.

The difficult part here is deciding what’s right for your property. Your advertising and method of sale in particular will vary in order to emphasise the property’s specific attraction points to potential buyers. The right decisions at this stage will help the market to see the value in your property, and if the right decisions are made, it’ll attract plenty of buyers along with attractive offers.


The value of a good agent comes to the fore when buyers start to bite. There may be several interested parties at this point, and it’s the agent’s responsibility to guide them all towards the result the vendor wants.

At this stage a good agent will:

  • Identify interested parties and work with them closely.
  • Make your expectations clear to buyers and help them to meet them.
  • Answer any buyer questions and act as a liaison between you and them.
  • Negotiate any changes to contracts or terms of sale.
  • Help ensure every aspect of the sale is carried out smoothly.

Experienced agents who get results will also do so much more in the background to grease the cogs of a sale.

Most importantly ask yourself if the agent you’re considering will work hard.

But what sets the best agents apart is the hours and the effort they put in. At the end of the day, that’s what makes deals work and that’s where the value is when hiring a commercial real estate agent.

When selecting someone to sell your property don’t take the decision lightly. Consider the agency they work for – do they have the database and the infrastructure to market your property effectively? Research their experience – do they have a long track record of getting results?

Most importantly ask yourself if the agent you’re considering will work hard. After all, it’s the secret to any successful sale.

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