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Professional Property Styling: Is It Worth The Investment?

By Silvia Wei

Property styling is often confused with “interior design”, but it has a completely different purpose. Instead of designing for the owner’s individual vision, property stylists design for the target audience – prospective buyers. The goal is to maximise the sale price within the shortest time frame.But is it worth the investment?

We recently had a chat with Royce Property Styling stylist Juliette and got some insights on what the property styling process looks like and if it really works.

RWCS: What is property styling?

Juliette: Property styling helps to turn empty property into a contemporary, warm and inviting home ready for a sale campaign.Property styling is different to interior decorating. When you engage the services of a property stylist you are engaging a professional who knows the real estate market and know how to bring out the best features of your property.  It is usually less expensive than a full renovation and gives the place a fresh look.

RWCS: Is property styling worth the investment for landlords?

Juliette: People want to envision themselves in the home and for most, it’s hard to do that in an empty room or a home that has unique furnishings. With challenging listings, like those with limited light or no view, people who come for inspection are more quickly to note shortcomings and can be lost as potential buyers.

RWCS: How does home staging affect listing and selling price?

Juliette: From our past experience working with different agents, the feedback we receive is that [property styling] is often one of the main reasons that apartments sell. Buyers really need to feel connected to the space and most sellers are not designers. The unique qualities, the room sizes, and the specialties really need to be accentuated.

Especially in a flat market, the staging might not necessarily yield more money in the end, but it is the difference between sitting on the market or selling. The reality is that staging generally helps sell apartments faster and for less of a discount than other comparable apartments.

RWCS: What is the process like?

Juliette: The property styling process is as straightforward as bringing in a stylist to come up with a plan. We will help lay out the space to maximize what can be done with an apartment. Then, we will often create look pages that highlight the textures, colors, and furniture styles of where we see the apartment going. After the quote and recommended item list is approved, the process can be executed within a week.

Also critical to the property styling process is the lighting, art, mirrors, accent pieces, and extra touches that bring the space to life. Flowers can be a great addition. I like orchids and hydrangeas—they add just enough without overwhelming.

RWCS: What to consider when hiring a professional home stylist?

Juliette: We recommend asking for references and examples of past work, specifically in homes similar to yours that have proven success.

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