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Make Your Rental Feel Like Home in 4 Simple Steps

By Silvia Wei
For city folks, we know too commonly the pangs that can come with renting. And with home ownership seemingly slipping further from our grasp, it’s time to stop pinning for our one-day home, and start making our abodes feel more like our own. Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you can’t bring your interior design aspirations to life and transform the space into a real home. Sure, the decorating possibilities are restricted, but that’s no excuse to bring those decorating plans to a halt. Let these simple updates transform your blank canvas into a work of art (minus the mortgage!).


Welcoming art into the home—in any room—will instantly add depth, warmth and personality to the space.  Opt for adhesive hooks to avoid damaging the walls, or use a surface such as a side table to prop the artwork onto. Instant ownership and transformation = easy.


Adding bold light fixtures (just store the old ones) is a great way to not only introduce beautiful lighting moments into the home, but also adds character and creates a focal point within the selected room. The best part? You can take them with you when you leave!


Switching the knobs of the existing kitchen cabinets is a simple, yet super effective update that can drastically change the look of your entire kitchen in just one afternoon. Remember: keep the old hardware in a safe place ready to swap back when you move on.


It may sound like a minor change, but this update will transform your bathroom visually, and most importantly, improve your shower experience—yes, please! Ditch the basic rental showerhead for your favourite type (obviously anything with extreme water pressure)—just take a trip to your local Ikea or Bunnings and see what takes your fancy.

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