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Determining A Realistic Asking Price for Your Property

By Silvia Wei

Having made the decision to sell your home? Your next task is to select a real estate agent to guide you through the sales process and to secondly determine a realistic asking price. There are a number of factors that come into pricing your property, which can include:

The condition of the property

Whether it is presented in an attractive state or in need of repair will determine where it sits in the market with respect to value. This in turn drives interest from potential buyers, which is essential to the sales process.

The location of the property

Highly sought after streets and areas often attract quality prices. A property’s proximity to key amenities such as shops, schools and parkland is also a key factor.

What similar properties are selling for in the area

This assessment provides a good indicator of the price range. In order to attract genuine interest it is advisable to set a realistic asking price at the commencement of the sale process rather than over pricing and then dropping the price.

Be guided by your real estate agent

A good real estate agent will suggest a listing price that provides value to you the seller, but also attracts interest from buyers.

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