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10 Housekeeping Hacks to Have in 2017

By Silvia Wei

Here’s our round-up of surprisingly simple household hacks to take into 2017. ‘Cos when it comes to cleaning, the less time we spend doing it, the better!

1. Unload the dishwasher before breakfast

That way, you can pop your dirty cereal bowl straight in when you’re done. No dishes piling up by the sink! Turn the dishwasher on before you go to bed so it’s ready to clear come morning.

2. Store linen sets together

Hate sorting through individual sheet sets? Here’s a hack for organising your linen closet. After doing your laundry, keep your sheets and corresponding quilt covers and pillowcases together by taking one pillowcase and bundling the rest to create a neat and tidy packet.

3. Always pull up your quilt

Even if you don’t completely make your bed, pull your quilt up to meet your pillows. Your bed takes up a lot of space, so doing this instantly makes your bedroom look a whole lot neater.

4. Don’t waste leftover wine

Instead of pouring it down the sink, freeze in ice-cube trays (one cup = 8 ice cubes) to add flavours to sauces and stews. White and sparkling wine works in chowders and creamy dishes, while red wine works in tomato and beef-based dishes.

5. Clean rugs with a shower squeegee

Vacuuming stray hairs from carpet rarely makes a difference, so try scraping a dry squeegee across it in overlapping rows. Doing so creates static electricity, drawing stubborn pet and human hair from the carpet. As you create clumps, pick them up with your hands and pop them in the bin!

6. Eradicate rust

Remove rust from metal surfaces by wiping them down with a cloth or brush soaked in lemon or lime juice. The citric acid naturally loosens the rust so you don’t have to scrub as hard.

7. Make better use of your dishwasher

Consider it your cleaning BFF! Beyond dishes and mugs, you can throw in your greasy oven knobs, shower heads, tap handles, sink plugs, vent covers, dustpans and even your microwave tray.

8. Keep your knives sharp

Consider yourself a contender for MasterChef? Then you better look after your tools! Grab a ceramic bowl, flip it over and rub your knife blades up and down the ring to keep them sharp.

9. Deodorise your mattress

Though often overlooked, you should clean your mattress every season – especially in summer when you tend to sweat more. Spritz it with vodka and leave it to dry before making the bed. Vodka is an odourless disinfectant that evaporates fast.

10. Carefully store Christmas ornaments

Tired of opening your Christmas box every December only to find a few of your treasured ornaments cracked or shattered? Carefully store your Christmas baubles in cardboard egg trays, which were made for easy stacking.

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