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  • Selling Tips | The Importance of Pricing Your Home Right

    One of the main reasons properties don’t sell is price. We understand that as an owner, you want to believe your property is worth more than it actually is. It is important to stay as impartial as possible and choose a price that is close to market value. You don’t … Read more

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  • 6 Eco-Friendly Swaps to Make Your Home a Cleaner, Greener Place

    Source: https://www.mydomaine.com It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with headlines about a warming planet and trash piling up in landfills. While major renovation projects like installing solar panels or drought-resistant landscaping can have a big impact, they’re not always landlord approved (or within budget). It’s also not realistic to drastically reduce your … Read more

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  • Landlord Tips | Professional Photos for Your Rental Property

    Professional photography isn’t a luxury these days, it’s a necessity, with research suggesting that professionally photographed properties receive far greater levels of enquires, are leased faster and for a greater rental return than those properties that are not. If you are interested in having your investment property professionally photographed, please … Read more

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  • Why Spring 2019 Is A Good Time To Sell

    Source: realestate.com.au Spring is almost always peak selling season – sellers are keen to offload their homes, buyers are more active, the sun is out and gardens are blooming. What is apparent this year, is how quickly property market conditions have turned around. Prices are slowly starting to increase and … Read more

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  • Tips For Renting With Pets

    We’ve got five tips for how to find a rental property when you have pets. Have a pet reference If you have a good relationship with your neighbor and they love your pet, ask them to provide a reference vouching for your pet’s behavior. Having this reference is always a … Read more

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  • Local Story | Our Favorite Spots In Balmain

    With waterfront views, an incredible café culture and shopping beyond the big labels, Balmain knows how to do Sydney proud. On the outside it’s got that whole vintage charm thing going on, but inside there’s all the modern touches we’ve come to love. The Fenwick Propped up against the Sydney … Read more

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